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Brushless DC Motor: Construction, Working, Advantages, Applications


Brushless DC Motor
Brushless DC Motor

Construction of brushless DC Motor

  • BLDC motor (Brushless Direct Current motor) is infect 3 phase synchronous motor having permanent type rotor. 
  • Rotor: It is nothing but a permanent magnet mounting on the shaft.
  • Stator: 3 phase stator winding is kept in the stator slot at inside periphery thus the stator core is of laminated nature 
  • The 3 phase stator winding is being supplied from transistorized 3 phase invertor. 

Working of BLDC motor

  • When 3 phase supply is connected from 3 phase  invertor to 3 phase stator winding, rotor     magnetic field will be create.
  • It rotates around the stator frame with synchronous speed Ns.
  • The motor is provided with hall sensor with 60 degree electric spacing. Hall sensor provides initial starting torque for the rotor. When rotor locked in synchronize with rotating magnetic field then rotor starts to rotate with synchronous speed.
  • Motor rotate with synchronous speed at normal condition so this is the synchronous motor.   
Working Principle Of BLDC
Working Principle Of BLDC

Advantages of BLDC Motor

  • There is commutator and brushes so no sparking problems. So operation of motor s very smooth.
  • Low maintenance and longer life.
  • electromagnetic interference decreases.
  • Can run at higher speed by increasing supply frequency.
                                       because Ns=120 X f/P
                                                     Where; Ns= synchronous speed
                                                                   f=   frequency
                                                                   P= no. of poles
  • Higher efficiency.

Applications of BLDC Motor

  • BLDC motor is used as a drive for record player, vcd, hard disk etc.
  • It is also used in air craft controls and satellite system.
  • As the speed and torque characteristic can  be controlled by electronic circuit this stop less speed can be controlled by BLDC Motor



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