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Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Construction, Working,Advantages, Disadvantages

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)

Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Compact Fluorescent Lamp

  • CFL is a lamp or a light which means Compact Fluorescent Lamp. It is advanced lamp than incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
  • It has two separate parts, the CFL tube and electronic ballast which is connected to the socket.
  • The CFL and ballast combination can save money because the ballast has much longer life of 50000 working hours, and the CFL tube has a life of 10000 working hours so if CFL tube fails only tube can be replaced and expensive electronic ballast used. 
  • This CFL lamp is excellent because it can not be replaced by inefficient incandescent lamp. In this socket it is energy saving providing better life and low maintenance.


  • Gas Filled Tube- This tube is coated with fluorescent powder (phosphor) from inside and it is filled with mercury and small amount of argon gas at low pressure.

  • Ballast-It is an electronic choke or power transformer (step up transformer). It provides high voltage pulse at the begging to start the lamp and then regulator (controls) the current by giving needed voltage during operation.


  • The CFL works similar to standard fluorescent lamp. When high voltage is applied across the two electrodes by using ballast, an arc is produced through the argon gas.
  • The gas discharge excites mercury vapours and produces ultraviolet light. 
  • The white phosphor coating an inner surface of the tube gets excited and gives out visible light from the surface of the tube.


CFL lamps are compact in  size. Lumens output is high.

The lumens output high as compare to the wattage. The power rating of CFL lamps is 1/4 than the other lamps.

3.Energy saving
The energy consumed by CFL lamp is only 1/4 that of other lamp. So energy bill is reduced to 1/4.

The life of CFL is 10,000 to 30,000 working hours. 

CFL produces less heat. So it gives more lumens. It fives only 10% heat than other lamps.

6.Overall Economy
Though initial cost of CFL is high, considering its long life minimum maintenance, low power and less running cost makes the CFL more economical.

7.Quality and Color of lamp
The CFL has high quality, cool, bright white light. And it is available in different shapes.


1. Price/ Cost
The initial cost of CFL is high.

2. Starting Time
CFL is not instant start lamp, it requires 3 to 5 min to give full light output. 
It is suitable if running time is greater  than the 5 mins.

3. Electronic Distractions
The CFL produces electronic interference to the electronic equipments. 



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